T Rex Limmericks

There once was a T we called Rex
who thought about nothing but food
had Bronto for brunch
and another for lunch
that funny old T did perplex

The day the Tyrano saw us
he didn’t come to adore us
we chased him away
and shouted hooray
he only dropped by to annoy us

There was once a Tyrannosaurus named Rex
whose love life was very complex
was he attracted to he’s
or did he much prefer she’s
what mattered was that there was sex

There once was a Tyrannosaurus Rex
who worked at improving his pecs
he lifted heavy creatures
they soon became screechers
and when dropped were decidedly wrecks

There once was a tyrannosaur
who came by with a wide open jaw
we chased him away
and shouted “hooray”!
which is why Tyrano’s no more

Rivers Cuomo